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Loud & Clear PR is a new, boutique public relations firm specializing in the exciting and ever-changing world of franchising.  We have extensive experience in PR and marketing across a broad spectrum of industry segments. We are passionate about what we do, but more importantly,  we're your biggest fans. And our overriding goal is to ensure your message reaches your target audience "Loud & Clear."

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Loud & Clear PR was founded by Kim Donovan, President, and Jim Donovan, Vice  President.  Kim is a sweet Southern Belle, who has specialized in franchising for more than a decade and has more years of experience in consumer and B2B PR than she's willing to admit. Jim Donovan is a loudmouth Boston native, whose drive and tenacity has produced outstanding results in sales and marketing for his clients for nearly three decades. Together, with a team of hand-picked seasoned professionals, we will increase your fan-base.  

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Then, you must be unhappy with your current PR and marketing results and looking for something different.  That's us! Give us a call or drop us an email and start getting your message heard "Loud & Clear." 

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